Seppi’s first broadcast took place when he was just 12 years old, it was from his London bedroom to his mum in the kitchen, about 20 feet away.

From that moment he knew that radio was the place for his creativity, and lo and behold, more than two short decades later, in 2017, he started his Hair of the Dog show. 

In the many years that passed, between bedroom DJ and now, Seppi has had many roles; from professional photographer, stand up comedian, and businessman to dad and stepdad to 8 kids and now……. 

He now brings his new, Hair of the Dog Funking Good Sunday show, to Stirling City Dance Radio.

“From being a kid to now, music has helped me through a lot of life’s ups and downs. On the show I play songs I’ve been brought up with and that have made life a lot more fun.

Join me if you can, and let’s make Sunday’s a lot funking better.”

Whether you’re partying in the kitchen or recovering on the sofa, The Hair of the Dog Funking Good Sunday is the goodness you need to feed your soul.  

2 hours of tunes with something funky about them; from Daft Punk to actual punk, James Brown to classic blues, Soul divas to hiphop heavyweights - music that moves you. 

Do your ears a favour, tune in to The Hair of the Dog Funking Good Sunday - 10am-12pm and 8pm-10pm every Sunday. 

You can also find Seppi and the Hair of the Dog here and subscribe for exclusive, well, exclusives:

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